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Special Flash Storage

Special Flash Storage

VEIGLO is the specialty flash storage brand of V&G Information System Co., Ltd, mainly supplying the rugged SSDs, industrial SSD, VPX storage products,  SSDs include SLC NAND Flash and with extended temperature requirements for industrial, aviation, aerospace and other high-end equipment applications. Extremely high requirements of durability, reliability and security are also under our consideration.

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VEIGLO™ S100 Series rugged connector 2.5-inch SATA SSD products are special designed for industrial environments applications such as vehicles, shipboards, and high-speed rails etc. Which meet the requirements of continuous vibrating working environment and ensure highly reliable and stable data storage solutions.


Physical Form Factor: 2.5" SATA 7+15pin Connector
Interface: SATA Ⅲ(SATA Ⅱ& SATA Ⅰ compatible)
Dimension: 100.20mm × 69.85mm × 9.00mm
Weight: ≈100g
Capacity SLC: 64GB,128GB,256GB,512GB
MLC: 128GB,256GB,512GB,1TB,2TB
Performance Sequential Read 560MB/s
Sequential Write 450MB/s
Random Read(4K) IOPS 70k
Random Write(4K) IOPS: 75k
Electrical Power Supply 5V±5%(Max 1.5A)
Power Consumption Active: ≤4.5W
Idle: ≤1W
Temperature Operating Temperature Optional W-Temperature:-55℃~85℃
C-Temperature: 0℃~70℃
Storage Temperature -55℃~95℃
Humidity 5%~95%(No Condensing)
Vibration 15g(10~2000Hz)
Shock 1500g/0.5ms
Reliability MTBF: 2000000hrs
Total Bytes Written SLC:10000~100000 times
MLC:3000~5000 times
Optional Functions Secure Erase
Quick Erase
AES-256bit Encryption
Physical Destruction
Remarks: 1. The speed performance is related to the SSD capacity and test environments.
2. Power consumptions is related to the SSD capacity and test environments.
3. The marked capacity is the NAND Flash’s capacity, and the real available capacity will be different in different application environments, normally is around 80%~90% marked capacity.



Model No. Flash Type Capacity Thickness Operating Temperature
VGRS100M0102XXXX-C MLC See below remark No.1 9mm 0℃~70℃
VGRS100M0102XXXX-W MLC See below remark No.1 9mm -40℃~85℃
VGRS100M0102XXXX-B MLC See below remark No.1 9mm -55℃~85℃
VGRS100S0102XXXX-C SLC See below remark No.1 9mm 0℃~70℃
VGRS100S0102XXXX-W SLC See below remark No.1 9mm -40℃~85℃
VGRS100S0102XXXX-B SLC See below remark No.1 9mm -55℃~85℃
Remarks: 1. XXXX=Capacity(SLC:64GB=0064,128GB=0128,256GB=0256,512GB=0512;MLC:128GB=0128,256GB=0256;512GB=0512,1TB=1024,2TB=2048)
2. Destruction Functions Optional: Quick Erase with final code Q, and Physical Destruction with final code P; such as: VGRS100M01021024-WQ or VGRS100M01021024-WP.





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