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Why Healthcare Data Storage Security Relies on Industrial SSD?

2022-08-25 | admin

Today, where information is the key to being at the top of the game in any particular industrial field, the healthcare industry is also ready to attain the position of the supreme deity in the competitive international market. These digitalized healthcare management structures have turned the typical medical enterprises into a more advanced and technology-friendly field, which is now introducing itself as digital health, electronic health (eHealth), or mobile health (mHealth) facilities on an international scale.

With complete digitalization, the healthcare data storage systems have created endless possibilities for safely incorporating and communicating priceless medical data, making it available globally at the touch of a finger. Thus, the experts suggest that quality healthcare data-storage solutions will likely be the future backbone in building a broadly functional medical global network.

Let's have the stats speak for themselves to endorse our statements above. According to a report, back in 2021, the global digital health market was valued at an astounding amount of over $145.57 billion. And now, it is expected to hit a colossal spike of around $430.52 billion by the end of 2028. All this growth is predicted at a CAGR of 16.9% during the forecasted period of 2022-2028.

The Medical Industry Needs an Advanced Data Storage Solution

The core grounds for which the current medical industry needs to improve the quality of keeping patient's medical information reveal that a modernized healthcare data storage solution is in order: 

Integrate Modern Medical Tools

Unlike former manual healthcare devices with limited probabilities of a greater outcome, the present medical industry admits to the dire need for advanced electronic improvements. Thus, medical enterprises must employ the latest medical instruments with digital technology equipment to provide their patients with the most feasible medical treatment. 

Further, these integrated digital medical equipment are controlled, monitored, and operated through different computer management systems that can keep the treatment history of attended medical cases. They also incorporate various medical device software and other features for enhanced and secured healthcare data management.

Overcome Storage Device Maintenance Problems 

Whether it's a preventive maintenance call, a pre-planned task in the schedule, or a corrective sudden fixture requirement, traditional healthcare data storage devices take up an extended amount of significant timespan to carry out maintenance operations exclusively. 

Due to this factor, the downtime of the running healthcare devices in the facility used to be extensively prolonged. And the entire working operation would suffer the consequences of a complete functional shut down to avoid any data loss through the accidental device failure. 

Apart from the plenty of expected time, the traditional healthcare data storage appliances would also demand a lot of effort input into the maintenance services of the healthcare data management system to avoid all the errors that restrict the digital files from being read or written. 

Medical enterprises require an improved and reliable data storage solution that can give a high-level performance while overcoming the constraints brought by traditional storage devices in the healthcare industry.

Prevent Data and Device Damage 

For the patients in intensive care units, their physical index should be precisely transmitted to the medical devices, even in the unstable voltage phenomena. In addition, medical devices like clinicar, ultrasonic scanners, and physiological monitors require reliable healthcare data storage devices with strong seismic resistance. Then industrial SSD can fit all the requirements since one of its merits is harsh environment resistance.

Almost all devices in this industry should reach the utmost standards since a seemingly slight mistake may claim lives, causing irreparable loss.

The Features of VEIGLO's Industrial SSD

Veiglo has developed the following industrial SSD that cater to the medical industry:

OSSD-BGA NVMe nano[Beta]



Half Slim(MO-297) SSD

And here are the most prominent features to explain why they are capable of being part of the healthcare data storage solutions, which will leave us in awe of excitement:

Greater Stability

The biggest perk of VEIGLO'S industrial SSD appliances is its incredible stability trait, in contrast to the typical commercial SSDs. With an advanced quality of dynamic power management, this data storage solution can markedly minimize the damaging risk of device failure. 

Longer Life-Span

Veiglo's industrial SSD boasts a long-term stable BOM design and can endure continuous vibration and strong hits on the concrete. In addition, it can perform well in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 85℃. In general, Veiglo's industrial SSDs are the perfect fit for the medical industry.

Guaranteed Accurate and Quality Data 

Last but not least, the major mission of the healthcare storage device is data storage. In this aspect, Veiglo's SSD adopts an advanced storage system design with distributed storage cluster technology to support unified storage management functions. It can ensure the integrity and correctness of the stored data, mitigating the risk of healthcare emergencies caused by fault data.


By now, we should know why medical enterprises consider healthcare data storage implements a mandatory prerequisite to perform their day-to-day operations flawlessly. It's mainly because their entire business depends on the healthcare data management system, which is responsible for keeping all their patient's medical details both explicit and safe from the third-party outside world. 

Fortunately, VEIGLO's industrial SSD healthcare data storage appliances cover every bit of expectation of the document-dependent medical industry with high-quality standards. But the best part about our fast-working memory modules and other data storage solution ranges is that we can perfectly manufacture an optimized data storage product based on the unique customer demands. 

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