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SSD Controller

SSD Controller

VEIGLO through continuous R&D and innovation accumulation of solid-state storage technologies, has formed core technologies such as memory controller.

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SSD Controller

VEIGLO has focused on the development of SSD controllers and solid-state storage devices long time. After years of accumulation, it has achieved breakthroughs in solid-state storage technology control chips. It has fully mastered high-speed interface design technology, high-performance and reliable error correction algorithms, and core technologies such as encryption and decryption algorithms, highly reliable FLASH control algorithms, and wear leveling algorithms.

Flash Memory Control

  • ◎ Error Correction Code(ECC): Flash memory controller will detect and correct errors in the reading process to ensure the accurate reading of data to protect data from corruption.
  • ◎ Wear Leveling: All NAND flash devices can only undergo a limited number of program/erase cycles, VEIGLO SSD controller provides advanced dynamic/static wear-leveling algorithms that effectively spread the use of flash memory to the entire area, improving the expected life of NAND flash memory.
  • ◎ Bad Block Management: There always will have the bad blocks that do not function properly or contain more invalid bits that cause stored data unstable, so they can’t guarantee the reliability of solid-state storage devices. VEIGLO SSD controller implements an efficient bad-block management algorithm to detect the bad blocks and manage bad blocks in use, prevents data from being stored into bad blocks and further improves data reliability.
  • ◎ Garbage Collection: The control system informs SSD to permanently delete data blocks that are no longer used to prevent unused data from occupying storage blocks all the time.


  • The encrypted digital signature algorithm uses the complex algorithm for user identification and authentication, protects data security. The data encryption algorithm can also be used to transform data access coding rules to achieve data encryption.

Secure Erase

  • The secure erasing function can wipe all the data on SSDs storage medium (NAND flash memory). It can also completely restore the SSD to an uninitialized state, and the overall performance of the hard disk is restored to a certain extent.


  • SMART is an acronym for self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology, The SSD’s controller automatically detects the SSD operating status, health management information to predict potential failures.

Power failure protection

  • In the case of unexpected power failure, the hardware circuit monitoring notifies the controller. With the support of the external circuit, the controller writes the data written in the HOST terminal and the FTL management data to the NAND quickly to protect the data integrity.





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