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Avionics & Aerospace

Avionics & Aerospace data storages

In the fields of avionics, aerospace, due to the special application environment with extremely high requirements of the safety reliability and high performance of data storage.

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Avionics & Aerospace

In the fields of avionics and aerospace, data storage has a wide range of needs and applications, and due to the special requirements of the application environment and performance, data storage requested extremely high safety and reliability. With its professional technical strength, R&D, design and application experience, V&G Information has launched multi-form solid-state data storage products for avionics and aerospace, and also accept customized designs too.

Design characteristic:

Application characteristic design:

On-Chip and small volume storage products

Anti-continuous vibration, shock-resistant structure and interface design

-55℃~85℃ extreme wide operating temperature

Anti-irradiation design

Application Features

• Extreme environment application, high stability and reliability

Applications in avionics and aerospace environments below 8,000 meters altitude and above 8,000 meters require products to adapt to extreme environments, extreme low temperatures and irradiation conditions.

• Security requirements such as isolated design and data security

Embedded applications require products to be isolated and designed to meet industrial security requirements, and also have higher requirements for data security.

• Customized and integrated system solutions

Systematic solutions such as data logging need to provide system integration and customized solutions. Special data protection algorithms and firmware security measures can be customized to ensure the stability of the overall performance of the components when working under extreme conditions.

Application Cases:





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