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Industrial SSD VS Consumer SSD: What's the Difference

2022-09-02 | admin

Are you eager to find a powerful data storage solution for your industrial progress? Solid-state drives or SSDs are advanced digital storage devices with incredible speed and performance. They are cost-effective and offer maximum productivity, minimizing security threats. Therefore, the global SSD market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $46.89 billion by 2030. 

Investing in the right SSD to handle your workload effectively is crucial. Industrial SSD is usually preferred to deliver reliable and smooth performance even in the most demanding environments.

Let's discover the major differences between industrial and consumer SSDs to decide the best for you. 

Industrial SSD vs. Consumer SSD: What's Better?

Consumer products are relatively cheaper with average quality. But in the case of industrial applications, you cannot compromise on quality due to the potential mistakes and the huge economic damage they will bring. Industrial SSD differs greatly from consumer SSD in terms of safety and reliability. It is, of course, the material selection and design that make them different. The former is made of a reliable 10-layer board, while the latter only has a 4-layer board to save cost.

We have highlighted some core areas to help you determine the right data storage drive for you.

1. Wide Temperature Range

Wide temperature coverage is necessary for a device to function well in cold or hot environments. Industrial grade products can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°C. Moreover, some devices possess a conformal coating that protects the SSD against environmental hazards like dust, moisture, corrosion, and conduction. In contrast, consumer SSDs inside the PC operate only at a narrow range of 0-60°C. 

2. Self-Destruction Property

Flash memory is normally difficult to destroy due to its protection circuit. There must be a mechanism for data destruction in industrial products due to security reasons. Therefore, Industrial SSD has a one-click self-destruction property to destroy data in certain conditions. In contrast, consumer SSD lacks this mechanism. 

3. Stable Performance

Consumer drives are usually designed to process data for personal use or for a limited number of users. Alternatively, industrial drives can manage a large amount of data accessed by several stakeholders. Moreover, they provide sustained performance with low latency and high productivity over a long period. Stable Write Performance is necessary for applications that continuously record data, such as CCTV.

4. Power Loss Protection

Data corruption can occur due to unexpected power interruptions in a solid-state drive. It has Firmware and hardware technology to ensure that all the drive operations are complete. Industrial SSD uses advanced circuitry and techniques to minimize the risks of accidental power failure, while the consumer SSD only offers small protection against power loss.

5. Rugged Durability

Low-cost SATA connectors are commonly used as a contact structure in SSDs. It results in poor contact and loss of signals in case of shock or strong vibration. However, industrial drives use expensive ruggedized SATA connectors for reinforcement. 

6.  Reliability

Industrial applications handle heavy workloads and undergo non-stop operations that could affect the tolerance of storage devices. Therefore, the reliability of storage devices is important to avoid data loss. Industrial solid-state drives have higher program/erase cycles to operate in harsh environments without compromising security. However, reliability is not a major concern in consumer devices. 

Applications of Industrial SSD and Consumer SSD

Consumer SSDs are commonly used in personal devices such as handheld gaming devices, mobile phones, or cameras. Moreover, you can consider them for office use, such as on laptops and desktop computers. They provide limited technical support, and purchase depends on your personal preferences. 

On the other hand, industrial SSDs are more compatible with advanced industries like cloud computing and machine automation. You will find them in high-technology applications where reliability and data integrity are important, for instance, Aerospace and Avionics, Data Centers, Military Applications, In-vehicle computing, and Medical Solutions. 

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