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In-Vehicle SSD application

Tailor solutions of SSD products that can be applied to any vehicle application.

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Due to the wide operating temperature, frequent power on and off, large and continuous vibration and shock, and other harsh environmental characteristics of various vehicle application environments, higher environmental requirements are put forward for autonomous vehicle data storage devices. In addition, with the advent of the automatic technology development, the demand for autonomous vehicle data storage has increased several times in a limited space. Therefore, miniaturization, large capacity, high reliability, and high stability of autonomous vehicle data storage devices are the main requirements and development trends.

Design Characteristic:

• On-chip design and small volume
• Anti-continuous vibration, shock-resistant structure and connector design
• -40℃~85℃ wide operating temperature

Application Features:

• High speed and stability

With the gradual improvement of vehicle-mounted, especially along with the Driver Assistance, Partial Automation to Full Automation technology development, fast and stable autonomous vehicle data storage has become particularly important.

• Harsh environment protection

For some special high-strength, continuous vibration vehicle environments, autonomous vehicle data storage can effectlively respond to environmental challenges.

• Data backup

Because of Real-time storage and backup, they make if possible to ensure data integrity and instant traceability.

Application Cases:





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