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NAND Flash Selection

NAND Flash Selection

VEIGLO through continuous R&D and innovation accumulation of solid-state storage technologies, has formed core technologies such as NAND flash selection.

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NAND Flash Selection

As the most important storage medium for current solid-state storage, NAND FLASH is related to key factors such as product performance, quality, and lifespan. In order to ensure the quality of each piece of product in the hands of users, VEIGLO has invested a lot of technology and equipment in the selection and classification of raw materials, using a set of advanced algorithms and a complete software and hardware environment to ensure that each NAND FLASH before installed are flawless.

  • ◎ Wide temperature delete selection
    Quickly and effectively selected NAND Flash particles and classify their reliability levels
  • ◎ Read-retry
    Measure the threshold voltage distribution of NAND flash cells through read-retry operation
  • ◎ Customization
    Provide customized test pattern options, the test process is more flexible
  • ◎ Raw data collection
    Measure the NAND Flash’s uncorrected error rate, programming operation time, read operation time, erase operation time, iddq current
  • ◎ In-depth testing
    Realize the test process of NAND flash particle durability and data retention prediction by setting system parameters
  • ◎ Life prediction
    Through artificial neural network algorithms, accurate prediction of the life of NAND flash.





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