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All-Flash Array Storage

All-Flash Array Storage

VEIGLO through continuous R&D and innovation accumulation of solid-state storage technologies, has formed core technologies.

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All-Flash Array Storage

VEIGLO all-flash optimization technology adopts NVMe Over Fabric communication technology and uses independent PCIE channels to meet the demanding requirements of high storage concurrency and high storage performance requirements. It breaks write optimization, reduces data readback, and balances the whole wear-levelling. The key technology is to create a new generation of independent controllable all-flash array storage products of V&G Information.

  • ◎ Reduce latency and increase IOPS
  • ◎ All-flash software and hardware architecture
  • ◎ Adopt faster network transmission channel, and prompt storage IO bottleneck through IB and optical fiber
  • ◎ Adopt NvMe over RDMA Fabrics more optimized storage transfer protocol ratio
  • ◎ Provide the same IOPS, all-flash arrays can reduce hard disk and cooling costs by 95%
  • ◎ Applied to occasions where there is an I/O bottleneck in key business
  • ◎ Support snapshot, replication, active-active, mirroring, automatic reduction...
  • ◎ Multiple working modes, balance between functions and Performance





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