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Unified Storage and Intelligent Operation

Unified Storage and Intelligent Operation

VEIGLO through continuous R&D and innovation accumulation of solid-state storage technologies, has formed core technologies such as unified storage and intelligent operation.

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Unified Storage and Intelligent Operation

VEIGLO unified storage and intelligent operation and maintenance management technology is based on the software-defined storage concept and adopts a distributed unified storage architecture design. It supports object, file, and block storage protocols in the same system at the same time, and supports multiple data center enterprise-level storage features. VGStor provides visual operation and maintenance management functions. Based on the WEB architecture, it implements the deployment, configuration, management, operation and maintenance, and operation control of the storage system under the browser interface. It also provides intelligent operation and maintenance tool software and rich Restful interfaces.

  • ◎ Advanced architecture
    Unified storage architecture, supporting file, object, and block storage.
    Distributed storage, supporting multi-storage cluster management across data centers.
  • ◎ Highly scalable, stable and reliable
    Support online expansion, data automatic and balanced distribution.
    Support data redundancy, fault isolation, QoS...
  • ◎ High performance, high manageability
    Hierarchical storage, small file optimization, high IOPS and high aggregate bandwidth.
    Visual and intelligent operation and maintenance management, easy deployment and operation.
  • ◎ Software defined, autonomous and controllable
    Software-defined storage, supporting hyper-converged deployment.
    Support multiple platforms.
  • ◎ Smart and intelligent storage, application-oriented
    Converged computing, supporting integration of storage, management, and use.





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