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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

V&G Lightweight Cloud Platform can realize resource pool management and lightweight services to meet various flexible cloud storage requirements.

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Cloud Computing

V&G Information has its own solid-state storage products, and also can integrated the software and hardware solutions for data applications. V&G cloud platform system includes two parts: a cloud resource management system and a lightweight container cloud management system. The cloud computing platform is the center of desktop terminal virtualization and service publishing template virtualization, and it is also the basic environment for microservice management and resource pooling. Through the construction of cloud computing platform, it is possible to realize pooled management of resources, lightweight and high-availability management of services, effective utilization and monitoring of resources, and efficient utilization of resources and distributed deployment of storage systems.


• Virtualization

The construction of cloud computing platform can realize resource pool management and lightweight services

• Dynamic scaling

The scale of VGCloud can be dynamically scaled to meet the needs of application and user scale growth

• High efficiency

Full use of resources, refined management, and improved resource utilization Resource management
Able to effectively utilize and monitor storage, computing, and network resources

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