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How Does Industrial SSD Safeguard Data Management During the Pandemic?

2022-05-16 | admin

The COVID-19 pandemic had a wide range of impacts on the world, all of which had significant implications for crisis management and policy solutions. Among other things, the Corona crisis also completely revolutionized the way data is stored. For example, industrial SSD emerged as the primary storage solution to meet the pandemic’s massive demand for storing medical data and much more. Keep on reading to gain deeper insight into the subject.


Challenges for Data Management

The primary aim of data management is to assist individuals, businesses, and related entities in improving their use of data within the constraints of strategy and regulation so that they can make decisions and conduct actions that maximize the benefit to the firms.

Data volumes have continued to expand, especially in the past two years, but so did the possibilities of what can be done with such a large amount of readily available raw data, thus creating newfound challenges for its management, such as:


§ Increased Volume of Data

Every day, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. As the use of the internet grows due to COVID, the data transmission becomes even busier. As a result, firms face problems in aggregating, managing, and extracting value from their data. When you compare data from the previous few years to now, you will notice an exponential rise in the amount of data that businesses can access. This data exceeds the quantity of information that can be stored, calculated, and saved. However, an industrial SSD can keep up with the expected increase in data.

§ Emerged Software and Frame

Telecommuting software is becoming more popular, which necessitates the use of cloud services. With more situations like this, data management has to step up its game for all the upcoming challenges. 

§ Potential Data Security Threats

 It is a significant issue that causes organizations to be concerned. Compared to other data-related issues, it is one of their most important hurdles. Data enters organizations via various sources, some of which cannot be relied upon to be secure and consistent with administrative rules.

You may never be able to determine which data channel has been compromised, putting the security of the data available to the organization at risk and allowing hackers access to the management source.

Data breaches can be avoided by adequately safeguarding your data with cutting-edge technology and understanding how data is accessed and who has access to it. The usage of data security professionals is required for encryption management. Their objective is to prevent unauthorized access and look for unintended movement, deletion, or other obstructions.

§ Emergent Data Processing

The greater the amount of data collected, the more monitoring and validation are required. For example, during COVID-19, in-time medical data management ensures proper medical resources distribution.

With the correct tools, though, more volume equals more intelligence. The correct data management system can handle massive amounts of data and convert it into useful, actionable information.


What Makes VEIGLO Solid-State Storage Products Unique?

Now that we have learned a few challenges that data management faces, how about VEIGLO give you a solution to all of them?

§ Large Capacity

Industrial SSDs provide high-speed and high-capacity storage, allowing you to store as much data as possible. Every VEIGLO industrial SSD comes with impressive massive data capacity, so you don't have to be concerned.

§ Unified Storage and Intelligent Operation

VEIGLO Solid-state drives boast a wide range of intelligent operations, providing a variety of choices for users in video surveillance, medical equipment, automotive electronics, rail transit, and much more. On top of that, these drives offer unified storage expanding the prospects for data management.  

§ Data Encryption

SSDs encrypt all data written to the flash, including hidden and temporary files that may contain important information clearly and completely. A VEIGLO industrial SSD allows encrypted data to be accessed with an encryption key, keeping the data you own safe for you.

§ Fast Data Reading and Writing

VEIGLO SSDs have substantially quicker read/write speeds, which implies data uploads and downloads are much faster. Instant-load performance is provided by Crucial SSDs, which means speedier boot times, program loading times, and overall system responsiveness.

VEIGLO’s Industrial-Grade SATA 2.5-Inch SSD for the Best Results

VEIGLO industrial-grade SATA has a data capacity from 2TB up to 8TB, which allows you to save all the data you want in one drive. It not only has a bigger capacity but also has dynamic power management with a built-in Error Correction Code function. The industrial SSD is definitely an all-in-one package. The 2.5-inch SATA SSD is ideal for video surveillance, automotive electronics, medical equipment, rail transit, along with many other harsh environment applications.



SSD is a newer technology that is here to stay for sure with all the benefits it’s bringing to your table in one small package. But for best results, you have to choose a high-quality industrial SSD.

VEIGLO is known to design and manufacture superior-quality industrial storage and security solutions with high salacity, reliability, and specific optimization. Established in 2003, the company has become a leading international industrial SSD supplier thanks to its commitment to in-depth research on solid-state storage technology and the production of safe, stable, and scalable solid-state storage products. 





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