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With its SSD controller as the core technology, VEIGLO has created a full range of products. Benefit from the data storage products provided by VEIGLO.

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  • On-Chip Memory

    On-Chip Memory is the smallest size data storage product. It's suitable for the application of limited space, low power consumption. The BGA packaged memory products supports data security and industrial-grade environment. And the eMMC flash offers memory system at a low cost.

  • Consumer SSD

    Veiglo adopts the SSD scheme of high reliability, high cost performance and low power consumption to provide 2.5 inch or M.2 standard size SATA and NVMe SSD modules for personal computers, all-in-one computers, miniPC, OPS, advertising machines and other terminal devices.
  • Industrial SSD

    VEIGLO focuses on industrial data storage products and solutions all the time, supplying reliable and stable quality industrial SSD and DRAM memory products. The products apply in video surveillance, medical, automotive electronics, rail, and automatic vehicles, including other harsh environment applications for embedded storage solutions.

  • Enterprise SSD

    For application scenarios with intensive read and write, large data volume, and demanding data reliability requirements, Veiglo can provide data center users with large capacity enterprise class 2.5 inch SATA and 2.5 inch U.2NVMe SSD modules, which have the characteristics of high performance, low latency, and excellent read and write performance consistency. It can be used as the core storage unit for key application scenarios of data centers in financial, Internet, and other industries.





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