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What is the Role of BGA SSD in Developing Industrial Automation

2022-07-15 | admin

The rise of Industrial IoT, or Industry 4.0, has seen disruptive changes and demand for reliable storage. Industrial automation applications require a dependable, high-performance flash storage device to meet the challenging demands of rugged computers. As a result, the number of SSDs in the industrial storage sector has doubled.


Industrial SSDs outperform commercially available ones in terms of performance and endurance, which is why they're employed for embedded storage in industries ranging from transportation to gaming. 

The key component that sets a BGA SSD apart from a consumer product is the flash memory controller inside the SSD. One of the most significant characteristics of an industrial SSD is the ability to overcome power failure. High-quality controllers implement advanced flash management through a lower-write-amplification factor (WAF) and Error Connection Code (ECC) techniques to ensure a more robust and reliable operation in the industrial setting.

Choosing the Right SSD for Automation Management Systems

As the world of digitalization progresses, industries need to keep up with the necessary speed and efficiency required to improve their automation management system. However, before choosing a BGA SSD for your automation management system, you should consider the following factors.

Rapid Connection

BGA SSDs with NVMe technology accelerate computers' start-up time and data transmission and ensure greater bandwidth. By utilizing the PCIe bus, it supports up to 32 lanes and can theoretically transfer data at up to 64,000MB/s, compared to SATA III's 600MB/s maximum. 

Real-time Storage

Solid-state drive technology can benefit high-performance servers, laptops, desktops, and any application that requires real-time data storage. Because of these features, industrial SSDs are well suited to offloading reads from transaction-heavy databases and alleviate boot storms to store frequently used data locally using a hybrid cloud.

Timely Transfer of Data

When choosing an industrial SSD, the flash memory in your SSD is important. As the industry transformed from 2D NAND to 3D NAND, rugged computers can achieve higher storage densities, and faster read/write operations by stacking memory cells vertically in multiple layers.

Adaptability to Harsh Environments

Most industrial environments are extremely challenging, exposing rugged computers to fluctuating temperatures from time to time. Additionally, shock and vibration are very common in industries that operate in harsh environments, such as vehicles or machinery. To ensure the impact resistance of your computer, look for BGA SSDs with specific shock and vibration certifications like MIL-STD-810 and IEC 60068. 

Why Choose VEIGLO's BGA SSD?

The entire PC and business ecosystem is beneficial to a BGA SSD. The data storage device enables NVMe BGA SSD to stay ahead of the economy of scale, lowering prices for both product lines and a considerably quicker time to market. 

Listed below are other noteworthy benefits of adding a BGA SSD to your industrial computers.


Industrial-grade wide-temperature IC

Our industrial-grade BGA SSD offers operational temperature resistance between -55C to 85C and storage temperature resistance from -55C to 95C to ensure continuous working in harsh environments. This overheating protection method ensures data integrity, equipment safety, and steady operation over extended periods, extending SSD service life.

Advanced Dynamic/Static wear-leveling Algorithm

VEIGLO implements global wear-leveling on its BGA SSD product, using a uniquely suited algorithm that performs dynamic and static wear-leveling to ensure that a BGA SSD is utilized to the utmost extent possible.

Built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) Function

BGA SSDs must maintain data integrity while moving data from the host PC to the NAND storage via the SSD controller. At VEIGLO, we incorporate error correction technology to identify and rectify the vast majority of data errors that may occur along this path.

More Compact and Smaller Volume 

Our standard BGA SSD is designed with a dimension of 31.0mm x 36.0mm x 3.0mm. It also offers different capacities to meet specific industrial computer requirements. The available capacities include:

● SLC: 256GB512GB

● MLC: 256GB512GB1TB

This makes it perfect for advanced electronic devices. 

VEIGLO - A One-stop Solution to All Your SSD Needs

At VEIGLO, we pride ourselves on being a reliable data storage manufacturer committed to in-depth research on solid-state storage technology. We aim to provide safe, reliable, stable, and scalable solid-state storage products with a full range of solid-state products, state-of-the-art production, high-standard research, and integration with intelligent data computing solutions. 

Our data storage devices are specially configured for the automotive, medical, automation, industrial/embedded PCs, and security industries. After years of accumulation, our R&D team has made a breakthrough by creating our solid-state storage controller. This key component powers a full range of products, including on-chip memory products, embedded SSD products, ruggedized SSD products, intelligent computing memory products, and system integrated solutions.


As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, we are dedicated to helping our customers navigate compatibility and qualification queries so you can be sure you're getting the right devices every time. 

To learn more about VEIGLO's industrial automation applications solutions, visit our website and let our knowledgeable team walk you through your embedded storage options.





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