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What Challenges Does Medical Data Storage Meet in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

2022-01-18 | admin

Quarantine and Nucleic Acid PCR Test have been the two main keywords since Dec 2019 – the COVID-19 pandemic not only affects our way of living, but also changes our way of health care. So how do the patients get therapy with less time staying in the busy hospital? The health care industry gives an answer as they openly welcomed high-tech equipment to make quicker medical testing available to the masses, thus monitoring the patients’ health condition after giving them a precise diagnosis in a shorter period.  

The important medical data storage brings ease to patients, doctors, and the entire medical system, leading to a quicker and improved treatment procedure. As the information about the variants of Coronavirus means a lot to the production of the vaccine, medical data storage has become critical in the modern-day healthcare industry, especially under the condition that medical resources are in extreme scarcity.


Application Scenarios of Data Storage

Medical data storage plays a significant role in every level of the healthcare industry. From recording to protecting patients’ data, a well-established data management system ensures a better and more personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.

So, how does a patient data storage system work? The system works in three different steps that include the following:

1. Data Collection

The first and foremost step is collecting and acquiring patient data from multiple resources and examination procedures. Medical records and examination results during various medical checkups and procedures serve as the basis for a storage system. Temperature collecting, for instance, is now the first step of data collecting before you enter the hospital. This procedure becomes easier now with the AI automatically detecting system: during the pandemic, your body temperature will be collected by the system combined with facial recognition and infrared temperature measuring technology. This information will be instantly written and stored.

2. Data Processing

Medical tests, lab reports, body scans, and MRIs produce the required data to create a patient profile. The data collected through various channels is processed to better understand the patient’s condition and make the continued therapy easier to process with the supporting information.

3. Data Monitor

All the collected and processed data is finally integrated to monitor the patients more adequately. Wearables and medical apps utilize this information to deliver personalized healthcare faster. Without breaking the quarantine policy, the doctors can know your body condition through the Internet. 

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Why Do Medical Devices Require Extra Storage?

Although medical data storage faces many challenges, the major setback lies in securely storing the data that keeps flowing in. In other words, here is why a healthcare organization requires extra storage for better outcomes.

1. Large Capacity

The medical care facility faces the challenge of dealing with the large-volume information input: it receives multiple patients throughout the day. Besides, the devices and equipment used in a hospital may be used all day long. With a large data capacity, it helps reduce the time of replacing the storage. The bigger the data storage, the more data can be saved. The ever-lasting data storage eliminates the required time of transferring data.

2. Encryption

Apart from being extra functional, a data management system must properly encrypt the data of every patient. By encrypting the stored information, a healthcare facility secures the communication and communication channel between the patient and the consultant.

3. Fast Reading and Storing

Medical situations and emergencies demand quick actions and immediate responses. So, with the additional storage, physicians can quickly access the data, which makes it easy to handle unexpected situations and take instant measures.

4. Stability

Durable equipment and reliable devices are elements that make a health care management system trustable. Therefore, the data management system should be able to handle the constant flow of information. With larger data capacity, it gives more buffer storage for the whole system, thus, making the whole data management stable.

VEIGLO Can Meet the Demands of Medical Devices

So, what can be the best medical data storage solutions that can instantly improve the working capacity of all your medical devices?

VEIGLO has the perfect solution for all your needs. We are a company that believes in delivering highly efficient and intelligent solid-state storage products tailored right according to the needs of your industry. From chips to high-end SSD cards, VEIGLO delivers technology products to resolve “the extra storage” issues related to your data management system. In short, the medical industry can benefit immensely by investing in an SSD product with us that includes the following:


The SSD products offered by VEIGLO have storing capacity of 8TB. This means more storage, improved reliability, better performance, and immense write/read speed for enhanced medical data storage. This hard drive will protect all the sensitive data and will not disrupt the medical procedures of your medical facility in any way.

§ Data Encryption and Secure Erase

Securing the stored information is another feature of the SSD products by VEIGLO. The hard drives provided by us can properly encrypt your data. It also destroys and erases the data whenever you feel necessary, making it excellent for medical data storage.

§ 550MB/s Sequential Read and Write Power-off Protection

The products offered by VEIGLO come with a 550 MB/s reading and writing speed. This allows medical equipment to work faster and at an unmatched speed. The NAND Flash Control is what makes this product a highly reliable device.

Get Your Secure Extra Storage Now!

Want to maximize resource utilization and working efficiency by improving the storage potential of the Data Management System in your healthcare organization? 

Get your SSD product from VEIGLO and provide improved health care to the patients trusting you with their lives with the best medical data storage. Besides facilitating the health industry, we also deliver additional storage for automobile, automation, and aerospace industries, thanks to our years of hands-on experience offering superior-quality products and services to a wide range of industries.





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