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High-speed circuit

High-speed circuit

V&G through continuous R&D and innovation accumulation of solid-state storage technologies, has formed core technologies such as memory controller and firmware development, ASIC integrated circuit development, system-in package(SIP) development, domain sp

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High-speed circuit

SSD products have increasingly strict requirements for the design of hardware circuits. The external SATA, PCIe and other high-speed differential interfaces involved in the products, internal DDR, NAND and other high-speed parallel interfaces, have high transmission speed and high layout density, and need to take into consider of heat dissipation, vibration resistance and miniaturization into design. For this reason, V&G Information is equipped with special design talents, simulation software, and testing tools for high-speed circuit design, to ensure each solid-state storage product can work stably in the user's environment.

  • ◎ 10~20-layer high density circuit board design
  • ◎ High-speed circuit design above 10Gbps
  • ◎ High-density blind and buried via circuit board design
  • ◎ High-speed circuit board signal simulation
  • ◎ Circuit board thermal simulation