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Data storage for medical devices, hospitals and other medical applications

The long-term and stable data storage of medical equipment, hospitals and other medical applications are the focus of V&G's products design and technologies development.

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To meet the long-term storage requirements of medical data, it is particularly important to ensure the design stability and high reliability of solid-state storage products. V&G Information invested a lot of design on storage products for the medical devices and other medical environment applications.

Design characteristic:

Long-term stable BOM design

Anti-continuous vibration, shock-resistant structure and interface design

-40℃~85℃ wide operating temperature

Application Features :

• Long life, stable product

Provide long-life products for stable use in medical equipment, and continue to provide product services.

• Intelligent remote monitoring data working status

The real-time working status of medical data needs to be monitored remotely in real time.

• Customizable

The diversification of medical equipment and applications ,customized needs will be considered.

Application Cases: